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VISIO 2000 Mains Plug-In Handle, 3.5 V 

This is attractive, modular, and easy to use. The Handle is connected directly to mains supply for charging battery, eliminating the need for desktop charging unit. The bottom insert incorporates a cap to protect the plug pins. This should be screwed on after charging. You can use either 3.5V NiMH or Li-ion rechargeable batteries.


  • Rheostat integrated handle. Illumination control is at your fingertip.
  • Soft Start Technology. When turned on Introduces voltage gently to instrument bulb. Eliminates cold-shock and greatly increases bulb life.
  • Variable light output.
  VISIO 2000 Mains PLUG-IN Handle
Description Ref.
  VISIO 2000 PR Lock Handle, 3.5V
  Charging end with cap for VISIO 2000 PR Handle, EU standard Plug
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