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VISIO-2000 Ophthalmoscope Head Only 


  • Made from Impact Resistant re-enforced plastic and highly reliable corosion resistant Stainless Steel.
  • Enhanced Xenon/Halogen super bright light.
  • Easy replacement of lamp.
  • Dust proof housing.
  • 6 apertures to select from, micro spot, small spot, large spot, fixation, slit and red-free filter.
  • This selection of apertures covers all the physician’s needs in an ophthalmologic examination.



  • Micro spot aperture: Allows quick visual entry in very small, undilated pupils.
  • Small aperture: Provides easier view of fundus through an undilated pupil. Always start examination with this aperture, proceed to large aperture as pupil adapts to light.
  • Large aperture: Standard aperture for dilated pupil and general examination of the eye. Fixation aperture: The pattern of an open centre and thin lines permits easy observation of eccentric fixation without masking the macula. The graduated cross hairs can be used to estimate either the amount of eccentric fixation relative to the macula or the size or location of a lesion on the retina or choroid. NOTE: When viewed outside the patient at a distance less than 40", the fixation aperture will be out of focus. The lens of the eye will insure correct focus on the fundus.
  • Slit or streak: Helpful in determining various levels of lesions, particularly tumors and edematous discs.
  • Red-free filter: The red-free filter excludes red rays from the examination field; this is superior to ordinary light in viewing slight alterations in vessels, minute retinal haemorrhages, ill-defined exudates and obscure changes in the macula. The nerve fibers become visible and the observer may note the disappearance of such fibers, as in optic nerve atrophy. The background appears grey, the disc appears white, the macula appears yellow, the fundus reflex is intense and the vessels appear almost black. This filter is also used to help distinguish veins from arteries...veins stay relatively blue, but oxygenated arterial blood makes arteries appear blacker. This makes differentiation easier for the examiner.
  • Color coded 28 lenses for perfect examination (Green for +, Red for - )


  VISIO 2000 Ophthalmoscope Head
Description Ref (2.5V) Ref (3.5V)
  VISIO 2000 Ophthalmoscope Head, BH
  Replacement Bulb, Xenon / Halogen
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