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VISIO-2000 Otoscope Head Only 

The Otoscope is an excellent instrument to examine the external auditory canal. High quality materials and top-notch workmanship ensures excellent reliability in every examination. The instrument can only be used with the VISIO 2000 handle.


  • Made from impact resistant re-enforced plastic and highly reliable corrosion resistant Stainless Steel.
  • Distal Fiber Optic illumination with super bright 2.5V/3.5V Xenon/Halogen.
  • Swivel type window with 3X magnification lens for sharp images and minimal reflection.
  • Insufflation port for pneumatic testing of tympanic mobility. Connector port and Insufflation bulb should be ordered separately.
  • Easy replacement of lamp.
  • Equipped with durable and easy locking system. The locking system has been designed so that there is no accidental chance of mixing of the standard and VISIO diagnostic instruments.
  • Specula fitting compatible to well-known suppliers.
  VISIO 2000 (MP) Otoscope Head
Description Ref (2.5V) Ref (3.5V)
  Viewing Chamber
  Replacement Bulb, Xenon Halogen
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